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Leslie, when I first contacted you to customize a Program for Emirates Hotels & Resorts, I was not sure if our unique challenge could be handled by you and your team. I must say, having had both the Harbour & Green Lakes, go through your 2 weeks training , my staff and management have not stopped singing praises and I am personally pleased with not just the Impact and End Result but the forming of a culture we can now call our own. Thank You!
Posted By: Hans Hensel
Divisional Senior. Vice President – Emirates Group
The name ‘Leslie Choudhury’ became an icon for creativity, originality, innovativeness, epitome of fun, and ingenious ideas. Leslie gives you the inspiration to be more productive, inventive, prolific whilst being cool and stimulating. Leslie Choudhury made a name in the hospitality and education industry. Everyone knows : There is Nobody else like Leslie. You will never know unless you experience a day of learning with ‘Leslie Choudhury’.
Posted By: Fay Lugue
Group Director of Marketing, PR & Communications at Asiatravel.com Director of Business Development for Philippine Market with Vacation Singapore DMC Pte Ltd
An astonishing man, the David Blaine of the training/speaking world and the Michael Jordan of all trainers/speakers, simply the best. Thank You Leslie! God Bless!
Posted By: Stanley Elwynn Choi
Leslie is one of the most dynamic speakers I have met! His wit and charming humor combined with his zealous applications of Directive Communication Psychology really make a noticeable and lasting difference in his audiences. He is a Great Speaker, an Artist of Influence, and an Exceptional facilitator of Excellence in others.
Posted By: Arthur F. Carmazzi
Founder of the Directive Communication™
Thank you too for being such a pleasure to work with, and special thanks for the trainings you conducted for us, we learnt so much from it. Leslie is:
• Our # 1 selling trainer for in house trainings
• Our # 1 trainer receiving highest number of positive evaluations from clients
• Our # 1 most colorful and animated trainer
Posted By: ManpreetSanchana
Conference Director Marcus Evans, Kuala Lumpur
You have been fabulous. The only speaker to get a standing ovation! All my delegates have fallen in love with you and are asking for more. Through you, it has been Multievents success. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.
Posted By: Sonia COMERA &Kiran DINARAN
Co-Founder & Founder Multievents Ltd
Leslie helped the senior management team of Saudi Paper to formulate a new Vision, a Strategic Plan and energized us to work towards that. Thank You. It was a superb session for my senior management team. Thank You.
Posted By: Mubarak Alkhater
CEO Saudi Paper Group
Leslie Choudhury conducted a Program on ‘Personal Leadership.’ Participants included the Vice – Chancellor of a leading university, Chairmen and Managing Directors of Banks and large Conglomerates. The Governor, Bangladesh (Central) Bank formally inaugurated the Program.I asked myself what led ‘Gurus International’ to rank a youngish-looking man like him as one of the World’s top Communication Gurus. I wondered, if I had chosen the right Person to deliver the Program which we had marketed with lofty promises. To my utter satisfaction, the young Guru wearing his favourite red Jacket proved within minutes of his public appearance that there could be no other person than him to conduct such a largely attended Program. INTIMATE had never registered such a big number of Participants comprising of senior level Professionals, in any of its Programs before. Leslie’s enchanting style of presentation, eloquent deliberation, witty and humorous interaction kept the audience spell-bound throughout the Program that ended with high applause for him.
Posted By: M H Rahman
Managing Partner, INTIMATE & Chairman ARENCO Group - Bangladesh
I have become one of your greatest fans and will consult your blog regularly. It was wonderful experience for me to have come across someone like you, very humble but with incredible passion, a determined person with extra-ordinary energy. You say the simple truth in such an elegant way that many people cannot do; my Master of Wows - (your nickname). Leslie, God has given you the power to light up the lives of many people who cross your path. You have left your footprints in Mauritius.
Posted By: SoorayaSoormally
Le Matinal / The Independent Daily APCA GROUP (Mauritius-India-Nepal)
I've listened to many gurus in my life but never met someone like you...you are an outstanding fellow who change and drive people....I feel energized and even more determined in realizing all my ambitions!
Posted By: Dr.RanjivBoolauck
Head Corporate Planning & Development

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