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Leading & Understanding Multi-Generations

Leading & Understanding A Multi-Generation Workplace – Gen T, B, X, Y, & Z 400% Tax Deduction or 60% Cash Payout of the course fee (net of government grant or subsidy) under PIC scheme for training of employees! For details, please refer

Sole-proprietors and partners can claim Course Fees Relief for courses attended, instead of PIC. For details, please refer to The perplexity of the generation gap is felt by all generations at some point in their life. It seems every generation has an opinion about how other generations operate, from the music teenagers choose to staff meetings in the workplace. Even though the difference in opinions on Justin Bieber & Miley Cyprus are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, is it possible for all to find a common ground & starting point to gain an understanding of generational dynamics in the workplace?

This is the 1st time we’ve had all four generations actively working together at the same time in the workplace.This 1 day workshop puts together insight how the multi generation can work together. While employees from different generations have a different way of working, the end goal is usually the same. So reach out to your younger or older counterparts and learn something new!


About the Course
Much more than the typical awareness program, participants in the Leading Across A Multi -Generations :

· Gain an understanding of the specific differences between the four generations in today’s workforce.
· Learn why the typical approaches no longer work with four generations in the workplace and what does.
· Discover how stereotyping hinders communication and engagement.
· Resolve the “points of friction” where one generation’s style or perspective is likely to conflict with those of another generation.
· Learn how to engage the “whole person” in helping team members from every generation apply their unique talents and contribution.
· Know how to conduct a “Whole-Person Engagement Conversation” to identify areas for improving engagement.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

· Define the five generations and their workplace characteristics
· Identify the common drivers and value systems of each generation and how those drivers affect motivation and behavior in the workplace
· Describe how each generation defines success and understand how the differences affect communication and relationships in the workplace
· Determine your employees generational bias and how your approach may need to change when coaching, managing and retaining
· employees of different generations
· Appreciate and gain respect for what is important to each generation


Module One: History

· What Generations Exist in the Workplace
· What Defines a Generation?
· What This Means In Our Workplace?

Module Two: Traditionalist

· Their Background
· Their Characters
· Their Working Style

Module Three: Baby Boomers

· Their Background
· Their Characters
· Their Working Style

Module Four: Generation X's

· Their Background
· Their Characters
· Their Working Style

Module Five: Generation Y's (Millennial)

· Their Background
· Their Characters
· Their Working Style

Module Six: Generation Z's (Zoomersl)

· Their Background
· Their Characters

Module Seven: Differentiations Between Generations

· Background
· Attitude
· Working Style
· Life Experience

Module Eight: Finding Common Ground

· Adopting A Communication Style
· Creating An Affinity Group
· Sharing Knowledge

Module Nine: Conflict Management (I)

· Younger Bosses Managing Older Workers
· Avoid Turnover with a Retention Plan
· Breaking Down the Stereotypes

Module Ten: Conflict Management (II)

· Embrace The Hot Zone
· Treat Each Other As A Peer
· Create a Succession Plan
· Module Eleven: The Power of 4
· Benefits of Generation Gaps
· How to Learn From Each Other
· Embracing the Unfamiliar

Who should attend

This course is suitable and beneficial to any individual, managers, employee or employers who want to develop more effective communication and influencing strategies to different generation of employees


An interactive method will be used throughout the course comprising lectures, group discussions and hands-on exercises & video clips examples


Topic was very appropriate as management faces challenges with young generation. Leslie was extremely wonderful in the way he engaged us. The video clips, music and such that were used in between discussions brought back nostalgic memories and the comedy clips were apt and meaningful. Growing Up Gifted Pte Ltd

"This was the best training I have ever attended, it helped me both personally and professionally. I know this training met my needs and the needs of the team, not just motivational but life-changing - beyond mere words can truly describe......Thank you."

Jyrki Nilson - Managing Director, Finnovate & Tours International America

Leslie helped the senior management team of Saudi Paper to formulate a new Vision, a Strategic Plan and energized us to work towards that. The training was unique, inspiring and pragmatic. Thank You. Mubarak Alkhater - CEO, Saudi Paper Group