Leslie Choudhury started his career in the hospitality and tourism industry after successful stints with Westin Hotels, (USA & Singapore), Sheraton Hotels (Singapore & Asia Pacific), Jetset Australia, its subsidiary Tour East Singapore, Interval International (Asia Pacific), Shanghai Sun Island Resort, Linbert Travel / Ken Air Malaysia / Asiana Resorts etc. made his its entry into the Training & Consultancy world by starting a company called as ‘Making It Happen’ where Choudhury did work for a number of different International and local training firms including Marcus Evans International. The company focused initially on Training, Hospitality & Tourism Consultancy and Senior Management Placements. The company’s focus then became primarily on Training as it was clear it was a forte and Leslie’s main passion and eventually gave birth to Leslie Choudhury International Pte Ltd. (LCI)

LCI has 3 different areas of focus : 1. Corporate Training 2. Keynote Speeches 3. Public Seminars / Conferences with its focus being in Asia Pacific & The Middle-East with its future vision to go worldwide.

LCI logo is very significant and pertinent to LCI’s business and philosophy. The logo comprises of 6 main colours :

White, Black, Electric Blue, LimeYellow/Green, Fuchsia Hot Pink, & Porsche Red.

The main letters LCI are using a calligraphy font style which represents : training is an art, Leslie an artist, the training will be somewhat unorthodox yet flows like paint off a paint brush, leaving its mark, making a deep impression that can be seen and felt. The colour ‘white’ represents authority and power, as the training LCI conducts is from the authority of having years of clarified experience by the grace of God and training to empower people. The black words are simple and clear which is the aim of training with the word ‘International’ capitalized emphasizing the nature of its vision and growth. The other four other vibrant colours simply represent the training will be impactful, dynamic, breath-taking and simply ‘WOW!’ Yes it will be entertaining yet educational. LCI is the in the edutainment business. LCI believes for training to be effective it has to accompanied with strong emotions experienced. The two strongest emotions a human experiences is tears and laughter. You may experience both in his trainings. They are also are in sync with Leslie’s jacket colours, an integral part of his branding and his training – ‘Uniqueness Personified’ and ‘ Distinct Transformation’.

The tagline is ‘See It, Be It, Live It’ which is reflective that the training which is delivered is not meant to simply give people an ‘emotional high’ and then fizzle out as the challenges of life re-surface back at work. It is intended for the training, its tools, its message to be imbedded, absorbed, breathed-in, digested and eventually take root and become a part of their lives. LCI’s goal is transformation.

Leslie is a Christian, and is sought-after and also speaks frequently at churches, and Christian organizations. He feels it is a calling to teach, preach and edify the body. Interesting enough if you turn the LCI logo upside down it, somewhat spells in Hebrew the word ‘GRACE’! He attributes any and all success he has had to Jesus Christ.

LCI is committed to seeing people grow and assist corporations maximize its people’s potential and therefore get results and success.